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To celebrate a decade in the industry,Bangalore’s Leading Language School IFLAC, introduces internationally accredited diplomas. These diplomas are offered in collaboration with the ECL Examination System which stands for the European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages.

As international mobility increases, there arises a need for transferable and comparable language qualifications which are meaningful to employees and useful for university applications. With this specific purpose in mind, IFLAC launches new programmes that are specifically aimed at making your language study now internationally relevant.

These courses are structured on the three main pillars of modern language learning -Communication, Culture and Cognitive Learning. Currently these diplomas are offered in Spanish, German and Italian.

The ECL exams test oral and written ability of everyday discourse on practical, professional and personal topics at varying degrees of complexity in accordance with the Common Frame work of References for the Languages (CEFR).

For more information on the ECL Exam System please visit here

The ECL Consortium is comprised of all the Member States of the European Union. The partner organizations are :

The ECL language exam has been acknowledged as an international qualification which can be offered for undergraduate admission in the United Kingdom

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