IFLaC Junior

IFLAC JUNIOR programmes are designed to promote a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience, aligned with current international requirements for test-taking and college applications. The programme is adapted to suit all national and international language curricula. During the programme, students develop the following skills:

  • Oral Communication:

Our approach goes beyond simple conversation and listening exercises. We focus on improving intonation, recognizing different accents and speaking styles.

  • Memory and Recall:

With our diverse range of resources, students expand their vocabulary for practical use in daily life and real-world contexts.

  • Socio-cultural Elements:

The world becomes our classroom. Our lessons incorporate cultural elements such as music and literature, enriching the language learning experience. As a bonus, this holistic approach often leads to improved test scores for the students.

The IFLAC Academic Support Programme has been tailored to align with all national and international curricula for various languages. The course content is designed to be compatible with any textbook, ensuring its usefulness for students across different educational boards and school environments. Sessions are categorised based on age groups and school grades.

We offer these courses for Spanish, French and German only.

  • Our Kohai learners often come with little to some knowledge of the target language.
  • They are enrolled in grades 5, 6, and 7 at schools that follow the IGCSE/IB/ICSE or CBSE curriculum.
  • Our Senpai learners have a basic understanding of the target language.
  • They are actively preparing for examinations and striving to achieve certification at A2 or B1 level proficiency.
  • These learners are enrolled in grades 8, 9, and 10 at schools following the IGCSE/IB Initio/ICSE or CBSE curriculum.
  • Our Ninja learners have completed up to an A2 level or equivalent in the target language.
  • They are now seeking to specialise in their language skills or obtain accreditation
  • These learners are currently enrolled in grades 11 and 12 at schools or colleges that offer the AS/A levels or Language Level B (SL/HL) curriculum.
  • Additionally, they could also be working towards Advanced Placement Language and Culture Exams.

At the Ninja level we also offer course for the following criterias:

  • SAT Subject Exams in French, German, Italian, Mandarin, and Spanish.
  • Children who are studying English as a second language under various boards.
The Language Life Skills programme is designed to be year-round, organized once a week throughout the academic year. It is aimed at school children who do not have language as a subject in school but are interested in acquiring proficiency in a foreign language. Each session combines interactive, entertaining, and educational activities to immerse the child in a new culture and language. The programme is academically rigorous, with a strong focus on developing oral and listening skills.

Unlike the Academic Support Programme, our Language Life Skills programmes progress at a different pace and are not always aligned with external examination schedules. IFLAC exams are offered to children aged 12 and above, allowing them to use the certification for credits in university applications. Additionally, it provides an excellent platform for those who wish to pursue higher studies in non-English speaking countries.


Age groups:

7 to 15 years

Class Frequency:

Once/Twice a week

Class Duration:

90 to 120 minutes

depending on the level

IFLAC Language Camps are short-term courses held during both Indian and International school summer vacations, aimed at giving children a taste of a new language. 
These classes provide an excellent foundation for anyone interested in learning new languages. Students who complete a summer course can later transition into our regular IFLAC Junior courses.
Specialised language camps are also conducted for students looking to improve their school grades by focusing on specific skills like reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary.
Language camps for the season are currently not available. Please check back for updates.