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Having grown up with and around Spanish-speaking people, her tryst with the Spanish language paved the way for sharing her love for languages and multiculturalism, leading to the establishment of IFLaC in 2007. From modest beginnings, today IFLaC is considered the foremost foreign language academy in Bangalore and one of the finest in the country.

She is an alumna of Mount Carmel College and has completed her Diploma Superior in Business Spanish from the University of Álcala and the Chamber of Commerce, Madrid. She has also completed the IMP program at the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Additionally, she is a certified Knigge coach from Knigge Akademie, Munich.

A bibliophile and a keen Scrabble player, she is extremely passionate about the environment. She spends her free time engaged in neighbourhood environmental issues and travelling the world.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Prabha Iychettira!

An energetic member of our team, Prabha has a flair for learning languages and is proficient in Hindi, Kannada, English, and Spanish. She is also on the path to proficiency in German. Her classes never cease to be innovative and fun, and she has successfully taught students of various ages and backgrounds with an unchanging vibrant spirit.

Her ability to draw correlations between different languages has led her to design the curriculum at our institute, which is compatible with our diverse student body. She also ensures alignment with international curricula and keeps up with manifold changes in the field.

Apart from her linguistic talents, Prabha is a yoga and film aficionado, and you will often find her engrossed in animated conversations about books and movies over a cup of black coffee or while relishing a buckwheat salad.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Manisha!

Eager to learn Spanish, Manisha joined IFLAC at the beginning of her language journey nearly ten years ago. Since then, she has been sharing her passion for the language with people of all ages as a teacher at the institute. Keen to make language learning more accessible and engaging, she currently collaborates with IFLAC on Ideation and Creativity. With a Master’s in Journalism, she also moonlights as an art writer and storyteller, contributing to various publishing projects.

A Bangalorean at heart, Manisha is a coffee aficionado who relishes driving to new places, exploring the city and beyond.


Salut! Je suis Sagar!

Sagar came to IFLAC, in 2017, as a top-ranking commerce student but he uncovered his identity as a true polyglot. Alongside Hindi, Kannada, Sindhi, and English, he excels in French and Spanish. Currently, he is pursuing German and aspires to learn Mandarin in the future.

With his love for food, entertainment, and social media, Sagar effortlessly connects with people from all walks of life. He possesses the remarkable ability to captivate his students' undivided attention in the classroom. He embraces teaching and learning beyond the confines of a traditional classroom.. Having explored numerous countries across Europe including France where he has lived and worked. Sagar brings a rich and diverse perspective to his teaching.

With Sagar's expertise, enthusiasm, and worldly experiences, he plays a vital role in shaping our curriculum and advancing our online development.



Namaste! Mera naam hai Raashid.

A valuable addition to the IFLAC team, Raashid brings his expertise as the new Community Manager. His multifaceted role encompasses various responsibilities, including handling client calls, coordinating schedules, addressing student, and trainer concerns, and ensuring seamless meeting management. Fluent in Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, English, and Kannada, Raashid's diverse language skills contribute to effective communication within the team.
Off-duty, you can catch him on the basketball court, showcasing his skills in the game. Additionally, he channels his creativity into building an impressive photography portfolio. With Raashid on board, IFLAC continues to flourish as a thriving and dynamic community.


Nanna hesaru Ramesh!

A native of Karnataka, Ramesh relocated from Davangere to Bangalore for work. Shortly after his arrival, he joined IFLAC and has been an integral part of the team for over 12 years now. Ramesh's role encompasses a range of crucial responsibilities, including generating invoices, managing the institute's database, and handling certificates, and documentation. His contributions play a vital role in ensuring we run a smooth operation. Fluent in Kannada and Hindi, Ramesh possesses a natural affinity for languages. While conversant in English, he has also picked up a few German and Spanish words during his tenure at IFLAC, demonstrating his curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Whenever there is a need to coordinate project logistics at IFLAC, Ramesh is our reliable go-to person, always ready to assist and ensure seamless coordination.


Namaste! Mera naam Jhalak!

Jhalak, hailing from Nepal, ventured to India in pursuit of work opportunities. Undoubtedly, he has become an invaluable member of the IFLAC Family. Jhalak's ever-present smile reflects his cheerful disposition. He goes above and beyond to meet our tiffin and coffee requirements, meticulously checking inventory and maintaining the organisation of our library and office supplies, simplifying everyone's lives. Fluent in Hindi and Nepali, Jhalak also dedicates himself to recognizing and reading in multiple languages while tending to our library. Whether it's an extra whiteboard marker or an additional cup of coffee, we can always rely on him for anything we need. Jhalak's unwavering dedication and reliable support make him an indispensable asset to our team.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Anuradha Jagirdar!

Anuradha, armed with a bachelor's degree in Microbiology, may raise eyebrows with her unexpected journey into foreign language learning and teaching. Driven by her unyielding desire for personal growth and embracing new horizons, what initially seemed like a passing fancy evolved into a deep-rooted commitment to teaching Spanish. Always up for challenges, Anuradha finds joy in embarking on thrilling treks, immersing herself in the untamed beauty of nature. When the demands of the day have subsided, you can find Anuradha de-stressing with a good book and some relaxing music.



¡Hola a todos!¡Me llamo Ranjana!

Ranjana, an engineer who graduated from BMS Engineering College with a specialisation in E&E, is a language aficionado. Her journey with languages began when she developed a fascination for Spanish and boarded the IFLAC express in 2011. Her fluency in Kannada aside, she is currently exploring the world of Sanskrit, to enrich her linguistic repertoire with its intricate structures. At IFLAC, she specialises in training our corporate clientele. An avid reader, she finds solace in books, and has a passion for travel. Each year, she crosses off two new destinations from her bucket list, relishing the excitement of planning the itineraries as well. Ranjana's thirst for knowledge and new experiences constantly drive her to expand horizons.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Vidya!

An IFLAC learner herself, Vidya ventured into the world of teaching as a way to deepen her connection with the Spanish language. In addition to successfully completing her B2 level in Spanish, Vidhya demonstrates proficiency in Kannada and Hindi. As a native Kannada speaker, she takes pride in leading conversational classes for Kannada at IFLAC, fostering language learning within the community. Being a mother of two, Vidya thrives on staying active and engaged. When she's not meticulously preparing for classes or guiding students, Vidya indulges in her passion for crochet. For over five years, she has honed her craft, creating crochet gifts for her family and friends. Vidya's dedication to both teaching and crocheting reflects her multifaceted talents and commitment to learning.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Ranjini!

Driven by a passion for teaching, Ranjini left her software profession to pursue her lifelong dream. She derives immense satisfaction from sharing knowledge, whether it be about diverse cuisines or languages. Fluent in Hindi, Kannada, and Telugu, teaching not only enables her to stay connected with these languages but also fuels her personal growth. When she's not meticulously preparing for her classes, Ranjini unleashes her culinary creativity in the kitchen. When she is not preparing for a class, she is putting together recipe cards that she posts on her blog.
Ranjini's boundless dedication to teaching and her culinary pursuits intertwine to create a life filled with passion, learning, and the joy of sharing.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Simran Achpal!

Simran is a passionate culture enthusiast with an extensive bucket list that includes over 50 countries. Her journey into the world of languages began with Spanish when she watched ‘Viva La Cuba,’ a Cuban film and fell in love with the language. She enjoys incorporating activities, games, and videos into her classes to make learning engaging and enjoyable.

With a bachelor's degree in Journalism and currently pursuing her Master's in Communication from the United States, she firmly believes that learning and teaching a language can profoundly open up one's mind, providing an unparalleled experience.



¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Vishal Nainani!

Since he is from Las Palmas, in Spain’s Canary Islands, Vishal adores beaches and speaks fluent Spanish. Want to make a lasting impression? Engage Vishal in a conversation about Real Madrid or any team that goes up against Barcelona – it's a surefire way to get on his good side!

Beyond his linguistic talents, Vishal's impressive network of family and friends extends to English, Hindi, and Sindhi, making him a true polyglot and fostering connections across diverse cultures. Vishal effortlessly manages the playful antics of his two mischievous sons every day alongside his work, showcasing his multi-talented nature and calm demeanour.


Halo! Ich heiβe Anuradha Raghavan!

Having completed her BA from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, Anuradha brings a wealth of cultural experiences to her classes, offering a unique perspective to her students. Her educational journey began with a focus on English and German, driven by a search for better opportunities. As she delved deeper into the world of language learning, she discovered her true passion for teaching, prompting her to leave behind her corporate job and dedicate herself fully to this fulfilling profession. According to her, teaching is not only more rewarding but also inherently relaxing and, above all, endlessly fascinating. Anuradha's unwavering commitment to her students, coupled with her enthusiasm and innovative teaching methods, creates a dynamic and engaging learning environment that inspires and empowers her learners.


Halo! Ich heiβe Smriti!

Smriti, a software engineering student, discovered her love for the German language back in 2005 when she attended a class during a college break. She enjoyed it so much that she has not stopped learning since then. Her exceptional skills led to a scholarship opportunity, enabling her to complete her C2 course in Göttingen, Germany. Later, when she moved to the US, Smriti embarked on a new linguistic adventure by exploring Spanish through various courses, workshops, and book clubs. Proficient in both German and Spanish, she expertly incorporates her travel experiences and engineering background into her work, which includes technical translations, corporate training, and teaching. Mother of two, Smriti cherishes quality time with friends, indulges in mystery novels, and enjoys watching movies to unwind.


Halo! Ich heiβe Praveen!

Praveen's passion for languages has been evident throughout his life, given his fluency with English, German, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and Tamil. After mastering several Indian languages, he embarked on his journey with German, eventually making his way to Russian. Following his retirement from the banking sector, Praveen made the move to share his expertise by teaching English and German. With his disarming smile and meticulous attention to correct grammar usage, he creates a warm and engaging learning environment for his students. Praveen's dedication to language instruction is fueled by his genuine love for languages and his desire to empower others with effective communication skills.



Salut! Je suis Valentin Melchior!

Valentin, a talented artist with a profound love for languages, hails from the city of Le Mans, famous for its iconic 24-hour sports car race in France. Holding a Master's degree in Fine Arts, he expresses his creativity through various mediums, including murals, and canvases. Beyond his artistic pursuits, Valentin nurtures a deep fascination for different cultures and explores his passion for cheesemaking with his fromagerie. While sharing his expertise in the French language, he also seeks to expand his linguistic repertoire by learning Kannada and Hindi. A seasoned world traveller, Valentin's engaging conversations and vibrant personality make him an excellent conversationalist. With an ever-curious spirit, Valentin embraces life's adventures and captures its beauty through art.


¡Hola! ¡Me llamo Vidya!

Deepali has always been captivated by the world of languages. From mastering Hindi in school to embracing French in college, she dived headfirst into new linguistic realms. Her solid foundation in Hindi proved to be a valuable asset during her French language journey, making the learning process even smoother.

Not one to shy away from challenges, Deepali took on the ambitious task of learning Mandarin. The stark contrast in script and context only fueled her eagerness to conquer this intricate language.A multilinguist, Deepali is an invaluable resource when it comes to language learning tips and tricks.
With her insatiable passion for languages, Deepali enriches the language-learning community and inspires others to embrace the beauty of multilingualism.


Salut! Je m’appelle Deborah!

Deborah began learning French during weekends in Alliance Française de Bangalore. She completed her Master’s in Botany, not realising that teaching a foreign language would be her calling.
Immersed in her role as a French language instructor, Deborah finds fulfilment in connecting with students from diverse backgrounds, making each teaching experience truly enriching. In her free time, Deborah geeks out over black and white movies, comics and friendly dogs who always come back for her well-known belly rubs!


Salut! Je m'appelle Mark!

Mark was raised in a multicultural environment He developed an interest in French after completing his degree in English Literature, specialised in British Literature, from University of Pune. Even though he is native to the city of Pune, Mark has embraced global cultural values. He is fluent in English, Hindi, French, and Marathi. He joined the IFLAC team in 2017, and has taught several batches of English and French classes at corporates, universities and at our centres in Ulsoor and Basavanagudi. When he is not teaching a language, he is working on his novels, writing scripts for films and serials. He is a celebrated and multifaceted individual who has won several awards for his work. His short film ‘The Vibes’ won 19 awards and was nominated 7 times at various film festivals. A specialist in communication training, Mark has a great eye for detail and organisation.