Enjoy, Learn, Show-Off – Episode 1

Aug 23, 2023 | French, German, Iflac Junior, Spanish

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Language Portfolio Examples: A sneak peek into class activities

One of the most vital skills of language learning is speaking. Learning to speak in a foreign language allows a person to communicate with a large audience, persuade them or simply express a thought or feeling. At IFLAC we encourage learners to develop their speaking skills right from A1 or Beginner level. As a result they develop a robust vocabulary early in the program which aids them to read and write better.
At IFLAC you can
  • Learn to speak like a local in Bangalore, (Kannada)
  • Follow Italian instructions like a pro (Italian)
  • Or enjoy a pleasant exchange at a market in Spanish! (Spanish)
What are you waiting for… Hop onto IFLAC, Hop onto exciting global career opportunities


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