David’s IFLaC Journey – Part 3

Mar 30, 2024 | French, Italian, MULTILINGUALISM, Spanish

Unlocking Ideas: Sanjana Sudheer’s Interview with David. 

Looking back on your journey with IFLAC, what are you most proud of accomplishing or contributing to the institution and its students?

At a professional level, my time at IFLAC was amazing. The institute was extremely active, in addition to language teaching, which was its main activity. For instance, in both 2018 and 2020, we organized A2 and B1 examinations for students studying Spanish at the RDT Professional School of Foreign Languages in Anantapur. They were highly intense days, as dozens of students would take all four Spanish tests in a single day. We meticulously followed the instructions from the Instituto Cervantes regarding timing, number of tasks, procedures, corrections, etc. 

It was also a day of great responsibility, as passing these exams meant a lot for the students and offered them valuable opportunities. 


Similarly, although companies typically sent their employees to IFLAC, as was regularly the case with ALSTOM engineers, whom I taught, on other occasions, companies requested that IFLAC courses take place at their facilities. And I particularly enjoyed providing training directly at the companies, as it let me explore their working environment. In fact, when I did this training, the employees always treated me wonderfully: they showed me around different work areas, talked to me about their roles and responsibilities, their backgrounds, their families… Overall, I have very fond memories of teaching at companies like ABB and L&T Technology Services. Additionally, I got to know cutting-edge technology parks in Bangalore such as Manyata Tech Park, which employs more people than the population of Caceres, my hometown in Spain. Additionally, IFLAC collaborated with a wide range of educational institutions in the city: schools, high schools, universities, and so on. Sometimes, a group of teachers, along with Umita, would visit these centers to showcase what we did and how we taught languages at IFLAC. On other occasions, I traveled alone to universities like Garden City University or the National Institute of Fashion Technology. At these universities, besides teaching classes, I was also part of the examining board for the final oral exams of the students.

Sanjana Sudheer

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