Live Your Own Eat, Pray, Love Journey at IFLAC

Aug 29, 2023 | MULTILINGUALISM, Spanish

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I found an interest in foreign languages after I watched the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love.’ Julia Roberts has played the lead role in this movie. It is about a woman who is depressed and to make herself feel better, she starts learning a foreign language. She learns Italian and then travels to Italy, India and Indonesia. In the end she is a happier person and she continues to learn Italian.
I was inspired by this story and I started to learn the Spanish language. I now have A1 and A2 certificates in Spanish. IFLAC is a great place to learn foreign languages. I can say that from personal experience because along with academics, there is a special emphasis on understanding the culture and the heritage of foreign countries. Learning a new language should feel like an adventure and if possible we should visit the countries of the language we are learning too– just like Julia Roberts in the movie.
If I get to visit Spain then the whole country will feel like a classroom to me and there will be so much more to learn.
Madhukar has been a student at IFLAC and has completed both his A1 and A2. Read the full review here


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